Causes of Acne Top Ranking

Posted by Ilham Nyssam Akbar on Saturday, December 22, 2012

Want to know what causes acne? Many causes, but it is rated things causes acne From the list below, identify where ya think about that nyebabin your acne.

Hormone levels of body
Hormone levels fluctuate at different stages of our lives, such as puberty and pregnancy.

Acne can happen if our bodies contain toxins exceed what can be addressed by the kidneys.

If we are under a state of stress can grow our acne.

Our own oil glands to produce excess sebum. It can accumulate and cause clogging of skin pores and cause acne.

Food can significantly affect acne. We must reduce processed foods. Should also reduce the intake of fried foods and foods that contain high sugar.

Make Up Cosmetics
If make-up we contain comedogenic ingredients can cause acne. The material is usually derived from petroleum. Make-up can also contain dyes and can contribute to acne.

Yes, smoking can increase the risk of acne. Klo need another reason to quit smoking is he one again.

Skin Toner / Bleach
If we use a skin toner containing acetone or alcohol will result in drying of the skin and can cause acne.

Cleaning the Rough
Cleaning with soap that contains chemicals such as detergents and fragrances will cause acne.

Although the sun seemed to initially improve acne us, it's really dry out your skin causing more acne.

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