Be Smart Consumers Recognize the fact Of Aromatherapy

Posted by Ilham Nyssam Akbar on Saturday, December 22, 2012

Aromatherapy lately in vogue, it often becomes a talisman penglaris various beauty products, wellness and spa and salon services. Even the floor cleaning products and insect repellent also claims its products as aromatherapy products. But what yes?
Be a smart consumer, before you use these products "aromatherapy" is find out first what exactly is aromatherapy.

Prerequisite aromatherapy is to use natural essential oils derived from plants, not synthetic chemical based. Essential oils so many kinds, ranging from the sweet-smelling because derived from flowers such as rose, lavender, jasmine or geranium to the smell of spices or herbs because it comes from the seeds, roots, stems or leaves, such as nutmeg, vetiver, cinnamon and kayuputih. Essential oils derived from flowers because the price is very expensive to get one milliliter its essential oil it takes thousands of flowers. As a result it was made essential oil made from synthetic chemicals.

Perfume industry has long managed to synthesize essential oils such as rose, lavender or jasmine. Fragrance is similar but not so with their chemical composition. Natural essential oils have chemical composition so complex that it is difficult to imitate, including aromatic substances contained therein. Therefore, natural treatment using aromatherapy actually the same as other herbal treatments, it is called a gift from nature. What can not be imitated by chemical drugs are elemental life force present in the treatment of this nature.
Ensuring natural essential oils aka the original is not easy. Chromatographic test is a laboratory test to identify the authenticity of the essential oil, but the price is quite expensive. But do not worry, there are a number of simple ways you can do yourself, though certainly not as accurate as lab tests ya :)

Here is a simple way to distinguish the natural essential oil of the synthetic:

Packaged in dark glass bottles. Well, if you ever see aromatherapy oils in clear glass bottles in a variety of scented small should not be purchased. Because it's almost certain essential oils have synthetic or mixed solvent.
Price essential oils varies. So if you find essential oils with the same volume and the price should not be purchased. Because the raw materials come from natural essential oils. Logically if we buy 1 kg vs. 1 kg rose nutmeg different price must be right? In addition, there are also factors yield of oil produced from each of the different raw materials. For example, leaves of citronella (citronella) has a high percentage of oil yield, but very few roses. So as to produce 1 ml of rose essential oil needed to tens of thousands of roses.
If it dripped on the paper and left for several hours, a natural essential oil will not leave a mark because it quickly evaporates. That is why essential oils are also often called the flying oil. Note: Except for the type of solid-colored and thick like patchouli or vetivert.
Some oils such as green tea, lily, lotus, strawberry, apple, vanilla almost certainly essential oil is synthetic.
The aroma of essential oils are generally very sharp synthetic essential oil than natural.
So carefully before buying to get the benefits of aromatherapy are "real".

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